October 28, 2020

1221 W 17th St, North Platte, NE 69101

p>This training will occur from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM local,unless otherwise noted by the service unit hosting the event.

The NeMTSS Refine and Refocus training includes the following topics:

  • NeMTSS Refinement Day
    Description: The NeMTSS Refinement day is to help schools and districts continue their work in improving their tiered system of support.  Objectives for the day include:
    ·      Identify areas of growthwithin the last year of MTSS implementation
    ·      Understand the importance of implementation data, including how to collect and use it within their continuous improvement process
    ·      Revisit the NeMTSS Self-Assessment
    ·      Use and interpret student data to help build future action points
    ·      Stakeholder communication
    Prerequisite Courses: Completion of Days 1-4 of NeMTSS Systems’ Training
    Note: Attendees should bring their completed MTSS continuous improvement template or have access to student data (e.g., NSCAS, MAP Growth, ACT, etc.) to fullyparticipate in the training. 

For further information,please contact Laura Barrett, lbarrett@esu13.org