Infrastructure & Shared Leadership

Sound infrastructure and effective shared leadership are the foundation from which all the other essential elements are built. Without a strong infrastructure and effective shared leadership, it is not possible to design a strong, layered continuum of support, engage in sound data-based decision-making, or support collaboration and communication.

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Laying the foundation of strong infrastructure and shared leadership in NeMTSS requires attention to five components when building a leadership team:

  1. Core beliefs and norms
  2. Team structures and routings
  3. Clarity of roles and decision-making
  4. Professional learning
  5. System alignment

NeMTSS can be designed and managed through four basic teams: District Team, School Teams, Collaborative Teams and Student Support Teams. Successful continuous improvement involves a professional learning plan that includes adult learning activities to meet identified goals.

Implementation of NeMTSS includes two types of professional learning as part of the PL plan: Professional learning about NeMTSS and professional learning to support the implementation of the NeMTSS system. Nebraska schools are accountable to state and federal requirements to promote a positive culture and climate that enhances student outcomes. These accountability measures take into account student achievement outcomes, graduation rates and daily attendance percentages to consider various aspects and needs of the whole child through data-based decision-making. The NeMTSS Framework is specifically designed to integrate processes and procedures to reduce redundancy.

Why it’s Essential

When leadership ensures proper infrastructure and support, teams are equipped with the tools, resources, knowledge and organizational structures needed to sustainably support NeMTSS implementation. Strong leadership helps stakeholders understand the relationship between accreditation, accountability and continuous improvement, which ultimately leads to improved student outcomes.


The following Infrastructure and Shared Leadership items are included on the NeMTSS Self-Assessment:

  1. The leadership team facilitates professional learning and coaching for staff members on data-based problem-solving relative to their job roles and responsibilities.
  2. The leadership team facilitates professional development and coaching for all staff on multi-tiered instruction and intervention relative to their job roles and responsibilities.
  3. Coaching is used to support NeMTSS implementation (systems-level coaching).
  4. Fidelity data are collected and used to inform decision-making.
  5. A representative district and building leadership team are identified.
  6. Staff have consensus and engage in NeMTSS implementation.
  7. Resources are identified and allocated to support NeMTSS implementation.
  8. An implementation plan is developed and aligned with the school improvement plan.