Framework for continuous improvement, problem-solving & decision-making

In Nebraska, a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) is defined as an educational framework for continuous improvement, problem-solving and decision-making. It offers a meaningful and effective way to organize instruction and intervention to help improve outcomes for all students in the state.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower schools to support and prepare all Nebraska students for success.

NeMTSS At a Glance

What is NeMTSS?

  • Framework used to provide support to all learners
  • Promotes an integrated system of general education and special education
  • Provides early intervention for students who need support to reach their academic or behavioral goals
  • Uses high-quality, standards-based instruction and interventions backed by research
  • Addresses students’ academic, social-emotional and behavioral needs
  • Helps identify students who may need special education

NeMTSS encompasses:

  • High-quality CORE classroom instruction meeting the needs of 80-85% of students without additional intervention
  • Response‐to‐intervention (RTI)
  • Positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS)
  • Special education eligibility determination

NeMTSS emphasizes:

  • Integrated academic, social-emotional and behavioral core instruction and supports
  • Early prevention and intervention
  • Capacity building for all educators
  • Examining systems-level data to identify variables that are producing current results

Layered Continuum of Supports

Students’ progress is monitored and instruction and intervention are provided in varying intensities based on individual need. NeMTSS organizes instruction and intervention into three tiers, which provide different levels of support.

Tier 1 | Core

All students receive high-quality, core academic and behavioral instruction and supports.

Tier 2 | Targeted Support

Students needing additional support receive more focused, targeted small group instruction/intervention and supports in addition to core academic and behavior curriculum and instruction.

Tier 3 | Intensified Support

Individual students receive the most intense instruction based on individual student need in addition to core and supplemental academic and behavior, curriculum, instruction and supports.