NeMTSS Regional Support Teams

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Each of the state’s five regions is served by its own NeMTSS Regional Support Team to ensure personalized support. Regional Support Teams include a Regional Support Lead, Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator, Social, Emotional and Behavioral Learning Specialist and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Coach. Team members work together to support their region’s schools/programs in their MTSS implementation efforts.

  • Regional Support Leads are the initial point of contact for schools and programs beginning their work with MTSS. They provide specialized support, along with other NeMTSS team members, based on each school or program’s unique needs and goals.
  • Early Childhood Implementation Facilitators work with early childhood programs and the Pyramid Model.
  • SEBL Specialists help schools support the social, emotional and behavioral health of staff and students.
  • PBIS Coaches help schools by using Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.

NeMTSS Region 1

ESUs 4, 5, 6 and LPS

Regional Support Lead

Heidi Farmer

Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator

Amy Colwell

SEBL Specialist

Mackenzie Riedel

PBIS Coach

Susan Wiggins

NeMTSS Region 2

ESUs 2, 3 and OPS

Regional Support Lead

Kala Peyton

Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator

Kristina Norwood

SEBL Specialist

Emily Arkfeld

PBIS Coach

Nancy Woodhams

NeMTSS Region 3

ESUs 1, 7 and 8

Regional Support Lead

Brooke Gebers

Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator

Meagan Rodriguez

SEBL Specialist

Jill Guenther

PBIS Coach

Mary Osterloh

NeMTSS Region 4

ESUs 9, 10, 11 and 17

Regional Support Lead

Kris Kampovitz

Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator

Kellee Vodehnal

SEBL Specialist

Chandra Essex

PBIS Coach

Katie Barmettler

NeMTSS Region 5

ESUs 13, 15 and 16

Regional Support Lead

Tessa Fraass

Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator

Nicole Long

SEBL Specialist

Sara Gentry

PBIS Coach

Linda Clavel

NeMTSS Leadership

Amy Rhone

Office of Special Education Administrator/State Director, Nebraska Department of Education

Amanda Witte

Research Associate Professor, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
NeMTSS Project Director

Casey Hurner

State Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Education

Scott Eckman

State Personnel Development Grant Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Education

NeMTSS Program Staff

Maureen Halpenny

Training Resources & Communication Coordinator, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Braxton Lindhorst

Project Associate, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Mary Jo McElhose

NeMTSS System Consultant, Nebraska Department of Education

George Toman

NeMTSS System Consultant

Heather Robbins

NeMTSS System Consultant

Kelly Wojcik

State Systemic Improvement Plan Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Education