Program Comparison Tool

Use the Program Comparison Tool to compare educational programs and evaluate goodness of fit for your district. This resource is intended to help educators make an informed decision about programs that may work well in their schools. The programs included in this resource are a selection of those available and not an exhaustive list. This tool does NOT constitute an “approved list,” nor are these programs required. The Program Comparison Tool is updated on the first of every month with additional programs and updates in response to feedback from users.

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The programs on the Program Comparison Tool website are organized by the program’s primary focus (Reading, Math, Writing, Oral Language and Behavior).

Users may filter programs by targeted skills, grade level, intended population and intended group. Users may also filter programs by specific qualities, (e.g., multisensory application, use with ELL/DLL populations, computer-based delivery). Finally, users may also filter programs by evidence base, using ratings from the What Works Clearinghouse, Evidence for ESSA (ESSA), or the NeMTSS Evidence-Based Practice classification system.

Programs can be sorted by program name, focus, or the date it was last updated.

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Please Note:

  • The Program Comparison Tool is updated on the first of every month.
  • The information presented is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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