Tier 2

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Tier 2 | SOME

Tier 2 includes secondary prevention which represents practices that are targeted social-emotional strategies to prevent problems. The prevention level includes the provision of targeted supports to children at risk of challenging behavior.

  • Teams should first make sure quality Tier 1 practices are being implemented with fidelity in a high-quality environment.
  • Tier 2 practices do not need to differ from those implemented at Tier 1.
  • Tier 2 interventions occur in the context of small groups and are focused on children who need a higher level of support than those provided in Tier 1.
Targeted social-emotional supports include:
  • Explicit instruction and support: self-regulation, expressing and understanding emotions, developing social relationships and problem-solving.
  • The provision of more frequent and intensive instruction that is delivered with a high degree of fidelity.
  • Extension or modification of practices implemented in Tier 1.
  • New instructional practice that is different from those provided at Tier 1.
  • Support skill development in targeted areas.