Tier 3

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Tier 3 | FEW

Tier 3 includes tertiary intervention which is comprised of practices related to individualized intensive interventions. The tertiary level of the Pyramid Model describes the need to provide individualized and intensive interventions to the very small number of children with persistent challenges.

  • Teams should ensure quality Tier 1 practices are being implemented with fidelity in a high-quality environment.
  • Tier 3 practices do not need to differ from those implemented at lower tiers.
  • Tier 3 interventions are: team-based, family-centered, individualized and comprehensive, and assessment-based.
Individualized intensive interventions include:
  • Explicit instruction and support: self-regulation, expressing and understanding emotions, developing social relationships and problem-solving.
  • The provision of more frequent and intensive instruction that is delivered with a high degree of fidelity.
  • Extension or modification of practices implemented in the lower tiers.
  • New instructional practice that is different from those provided in the lower tiers.
  • Support skill development in targeted areas.