Built for Success

The NeMTSS framework is built for success. It houses the tools educators need for continuous improvement, problem-solving and decision-making. It provides schools with meaningful data to positively impact students and their families, setting them on a path for success.

We need to stop asking if a student is responding and start asking if our current system is working for all of our students.

Benefits of NeMTSS

  • Improves student outcomes using meaningful research
  • Offers a more broad scope of services than Response to Intervention
  • Integrates academic, behavioral and social-emotional supports
  • Builds capacity among all educators
  • Places a strong emphasis on prevention
  • Examines systems-level data to identify variables that are producing current results
  • Reduces the need for learning disabilities identification
  • Simplifies life for highly burdened school staff

Keys to Success

Strong core

Strong core of literacy, mathematics and behavior is established for all pre-K to grade 12 students, providing a foundation of prevention within the entire system.

Universal screening

Universal screening processes identify students who need additional support by measuring the fluency and accuracy of students’ critical early skills that are predictive of future skill attainment.


Evidence-based interventions are implemented to provide a layered continuum of supports matched to each student’s needs.

Progress monitoring

Progress monitoring data are used continuously to determine student response to intervention and are essential to determine next steps for fading, exiting or intensifying interventions for students.

Problem solving

Problem-solving process uses data to guide decision-making at all levels of support.

Problem-solving and decision-making model components:
  • Inclusive of all students
  • Uses evidence-based practices
  • Effectiveness is based on both fidelity of the process and in the implementation of the instruction/intervention plan
  • Applies to all tiers of instruction/intervention and at all levels
  • Iterative process that may require multiple cycles to find solutions
MTSS Process
Problem-solving model

Continuous Improvement

NeMTSS is supportive and responsive to overall continuous improvement processes in place at school and district levels, and can be tailored to meet the realities in the classroom.

Important considerations:

  • NeMTSS is not a standalone initiative
  • Local school districts and Educational Service Units are vital partners
  • The framework’s six Essential Elements align with districts’ ongoing improvement efforts