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Apply now to join the HAL/NeMTSS Pilot Project


The Nebraska Department of Education’s Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment is gearing up to conduct research on the effectiveness of Nebraska’s Multi-tiered System of Support among high ability learners (HAL) — and we invite you to participate!

The team is currently looking for Nebraska schools interested in being part of the HAL/NeMTSS Pilot Project, a two-year study that will launch at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year.

The goal of the pilot project is to better understand how to effectively integrate HAL services into an existing MTSS system to help all students reach their full potential.


Why is this study needed?

High ability programs are often seen as separate entities, making it difficult to bridge gaps and provide effective services for gifted students. Most schools use an MTSS system for special education students, which provide a system of services into a familiar framework based on student needs.

This project seeks to include advanced learners in the MTSS framework to help classroom teachers differentiate their teaching practices to serve more students.

The results will be important to practitioners, so they better understand how to adapt practices, but also to administrators and other school leaders, to understand the consequences of using MTSS with advanced learners.

The study is not meant to be a burden on Nebraska educators; it is intended to help integrate systems and streamline processes, while ensuring research-based practices are being implemented properly and with fidelity.


What to expect

There is no cost for schools or teachers to participate. All testing and training will be paid for, and participating teachers will be compensated for their time.

Participating schools can expect:

  • Two years of support and professional learning from experts in the HAL field, including Toni Szymanski and Laurie Croft.
  • Access to professional learning opportunities and meetings, 3-5 hours per month.
  • Assistance with monitoring fidelity and implantation of research-based best practices in differentiation for HAL.
  • Books and materials to facilitate discussions.
  • Teacher compensation.



If your school is interested in participating in this project, please apply by Jan. 15, 2022.

For more information, visit the HAL program website or contact Sheyanne Meadows, High Ability Learning Specialist, at