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Nebraska MTSS has a new and improved Team page! This past year, we worked to strengthen our regional ties and work together in regional support teams. The new page has been reorganized to better reflect how our regional support team members serve programs and districts throughout the state, and makes it easier to find who you are looking for on the website.


What are NeMTSS Regional Support Teams?

Each of the state’s five regions is served by its own Regional Support Team to ensure personalized support. You’ll notice the Team page is now organized by Regional Support Team, followed by statewide support members.

Each Regional Support Team includes:

  • Regional Support Lead
  • Early Childhood Implementation Facilitator
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioral Learning Specialist
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Coach


What do team members do?

Regional Support Team members each have a unique role, and work together to support their region’s schools/programs in their MTSS implementation efforts.

  • Regional Support Leads are the initial point of contact for schools and programs beginning their work with MTSS. They provide specialized support, along with other NeMTSS team members, based on each school or program’s unique needs and goals.
  • Early Childhood Implementation Facilitators work with early childhood programs and the Pyramid Model.
  • SEBL Specialists help schools support the behavioral, mental and social-emotional health of staff and students.
  • PBIS Coaches help schools using Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.

Visit the Team page to find the name and email of your Regional Support Lead.


Team videos

This month, we’ll be sharing videos that highlight Regional Support Team members’ roles and how they work together within their teams to support Nebraska educators. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, to view our new team videos as they go live!