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Supplemental SEBL Trainings


The NeMTSS team is excited to offer a variety of Supplemental SEBL Trainings throughout the 2022-23 school year.

These trainings aim to provide support and build knowledge among educators and others implementing social, emotional and behavioral learning (SEBL) in Nebraska schools.

Trainings will explore learning objectives identified by NeMTSS SEBL specialists Emily Arkfeld, Jill Guenther and Mackenzie Riedel, and will provide resources and the opportunity for participants to share and ask questions during live sessions.

Trainings will be delivered in a variety of formats and each will be roughly 30-60 minutes.

Video recordings of all sessions will be available in our media library to watch at your convenience.


Supplemental SEBL Trainings may be accessed in three ways:

1. Zoom (live)
Some trainings will be held online in real time via Zoom video conferencing. Registration will be required; however, video recordings will be made available on our website.

2. On demand
Some trainings will be pre-recorded for educators to watch on demand and be able to pause and complete activities as needed. These video recordings will be added to our website throughout the school year.

3. In person
Some trainings may be delivered in person to support the specific needs of ESU and district teams participating in our SEBL Workshop Series. Please reach out to your Regional Support Lead if you’d like more information on SEBL workshops (see Nebraska map to identify the person assigned to your region).

SEBL Supplemental Trainings will be announced throughout the year. Stay tuned!

If you have questions or ideas for future topics, please email our SEBL specialists at