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The NeMTSS Team is excited to join celebrations for International SEL Day 2022 — an opportunity to collectively spread the word about the importance and impact of social-emotional learning (SEL). Working together, we can raise awareness for SEL, bring on new SEL partners, demonstrate SEL in action, share SEL best practices and more.

Search the hashtag #SELday on social media to take part in the broader SEL conversation online!

If it’s SEL Day, why the B?

You may have noticed NeMTSS uses Social, Emotional and Behavioral Learning, or SEBL. Our team intentionally added the term “behavioral” to our SEL approach because we felt it was important to align and connect all the systems that support students.

What is SEBL?

SEBL is the systematic process of fostering social and emotional skills among students and adults in order to create safe and supportive environments with positive behavioral outcomes for all.

SEBL Implementation and Support

Within NeMTSS, regional teams provide professional development and implementation support to build the capacity of educators to practice, teach and model SEBL competencies among adults and students to improve climate, culture and learning. Visit our SEBL Implementation Supports page to learn more.

SEBL Workshop Series

If you are interested in systematically implementing SEBL in your ESU, district or school, our SEBL Implementation Support Specialists offer a five-part SEBL Workshop Series. Participants in these trainings learn about SEBL, Adult SEBL, Student Core SEBL and Intensified SEBL Supports. An overview of the workshop series and more detailed descriptions of each session can be found here.

SEBL Coffee Connect

Be part of our growing SEBL community! We invite you to join our virtual SEBL Coffee Connect series to network with us, fellow educators and others supporting SEBL in schools across Nebraska. Check out this post for more details, including how to register.

Get in touch

The NeMTSS Implementation Support team works statewide across five regions. If you have questions, please contact your SEBL Specialist from the list below.


Mackenzie Riedel

Regions 1 & 2

ESUs 4, 5, 6 and LPS
ESUs 2, 3 and OPS

Jill Guenther

Regions 3 & 4

ESUs 1, 7, 8
ESUs 9, 10, 11, 17

Emily Arkfeld

Region 5

ESUs 13, 15, 16