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Evidence-Based Strategies Series: Guiding the Targeted Improvement Plan Process


The Nebraska MTSS team is excited to announce a new webinar series aimed at enhancing the use of evidence-based strategies in classrooms across Nebraska, with a focus on providing Tier 1 Core supports within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework.

The four-part webinar series includes 10 pre-recorded videos that outline evidence-based strategies for teaching to help schools and districts achieve the goals set forth in their Targeted Improvement Plans (TIPs). In addition to defining the strategies, the videos examine ways to systematically roll out the strategies to staff and put them into practice.

NeMTSS Regional Support Leads will share information on high-quality instruction, staff development, student outcomes and more – content that is directly aligned with the coherence work occurring within the Nebraska Department of Education.

Webinars in the “Evidence-Based Strategies Series: Guiding the Targeted Improvement Plan Process” will be released on our website in four parts from December 2022 through March 2023. Registration is not required to view the pre-recorded videos.


Who are the webinars for?

The webinars will be useful for district- and school-level leadership teams, as well as other educators, seeking to better understand and find guidance on continuous improvement processes to use with educational support staff and teacher teams.

Leadership teams are encouraged to continue working with their NeMTSS Regional Support Lead to create an implementation strategy that best uses the information presented in the webinars.


Webinar series structure and release dates

The webinar series includes:

Part 1: Crash Course (December 2022)
Part 2: Staff Rollout (January 2023)
Part 3: Classroom Implementation (February 2023)
Part 4: Data-Based Decision-Making (March 2023)

What do the webinars cover?
Part 1: Crash Course

Part one of the series includes four different webinars to address each of the TIP’s evidence-based strategies. Viewers will learn about:

  • Explicit instruction
  • Flexible grouping
  • Positive and constructive feedback
  • Active student engagement

Each video will provide an opportunity to understand how the TIP is embedded in an MTSS framework, as well as how each strategy works at the Tier 1 Core level. It will also go deeper to explore the major elements of each strategy and identify examples of the strategy for Tier 1 Core instruction at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Part 2: Staff Rollout

Part two of the series includes one webinar with information that can be applied to any instructional evidence-based strategy. Viewers will learn about:

  • System fidelity
  • Professional learning planning
  • Staff implementation

District and school leadership teams will recognize the importance of system fidelity at the building and/or district level and identify ways to measure it. This will lead to determining ways to establish a professional learning plan for staff based on data, and explore ways to prepare for staff implementation and rollout of the selected evidence-based strategy.

Part 3: Classroom Implementation

Part three of the series includes four different webinars to address each of the TIP’s evidence-based strategies addressed in Part 1: Crash Course. Viewers will learn about:

  • Explicit instruction
  • Flexible grouping
  • Positive and constructive feedback
  • Active student engagement

In this part of the series, there will be a focus on how to ensure strategies are being implemented with fidelity and how to collect data for decision-making and reporting in schools’ TIPs.

Part 4: Data-Based Decision-Making

Part four of the series will include one webinar that reviews all strategies involved in making data-based decisions at the district and school level. Viewers will learn about:

  • Assessment
  • Fidelity decision-making at district, school and collaborative levels


Why it matters

To meet the needs of all students in Nebraska, it is important to continually seek ways to grow professionally and enhance our effectiveness in classrooms. Evidence-based strategies are key to making a difference in student outcomes, as well as empowering educators to do their best work. This webinar series was developed to be a practical and meaningful resource for schools and districts across the state – whose work is essential to helping students be successful at school and in life.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”


–Maya Angelou


Next steps

District and school leadership teams can prepare for the release of the webinar series by reviewing their continuous improvement plans and determining how their TIPs are reflected and integrated. Teams are also encouraged to set aside time to watch each part of the series as they are released and then discuss how the presented strategies may be used in their TIPs, as well as other plans.


For more information, please reach out to the NeMTSS Regional Support Lead assigned to your region. Contact information can be found on the NeMTSS team page.