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Evidence-Based Strategies Series: Guiding the Targeted Improvement Plan Process

The Nebraska Multi-tiered System of Support (NeMTSS) team has developed a four-part webinar series to enhance the use of evidence-based strategies in classrooms across the state. Evidence-Based Strategies Series: Guiding the Targeted Improvement Plan Process includes 10 pre-recorded webinar videos. The fourth part of the series, Data-Based Decision-Making, is now available.

Visit this page to review other parts of the series.


Part 4: Data-Based Decision-Making

Data-Based Decision-Making includes one webinar with guidance on utilizing data through the lens of implementation science to make decisions that will positively impact student outcomes and assist in the implementation of the Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP). The video (linked below) is accompanied by a PDF version of the presentations, complete with links and resources for further investigation.

Part 4: Data-Based Decision-Making webinar includes:

  • Implementation science
  • NeMTSS Problem-Solving Model (PSM)
  • Using the PSM through examples

Watch: Data-Based Decision-Making


Tips for watching the videos
  • To get the most out of the webinar, it is best to watch it in groups. Leadership teams and other district- and school-level teams should plan to spend about 45 minutes watching, discussing and reflecting on the content of the video.
  • It is recommended that teams watch the Evidence-Based Strategies webinars in order (Part 1-4). While there are several webinars contained within the Part 1: Crash Course and Part 3: Classroom Implementation, districts/schools do not need to watch all of them to benefit from the series.


Why should districts/schools watch?

By creating this series and sharing it with Nebraska educators, the NeMTSS team aims to support schools in strengthening their Tier 1 Core practices to positively impact learning for students with disabilities by improving educational opportunities for all students.


What’s next?
  • Continue to strengthen Tier 1 Core instruction to provide more inclusive and equitable opportunities for all students.
  • Meet regularly as a team to discuss TIP implementation efforts.
  • Continue to use data to adjust implementation plans as needed.
  • Provide high-quality and ongoing professional learning opportunities around your selected TIP strategy to all staff.
  • Attend virtual TIP trainings from the Office of Special Education.
  • Integrate TIP efforts into overall district continuous improvement.
  • Access ESU support and regional support leads as needed.



For more information, please reach out to the NeMTSS Regional Support Lead assigned to your region. Contact information can be found on the NeMTSS team page.